About Us


Huntington County Council on Aging was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in December of 1973. Since that time our mission statement has remained the same. We strive to provide needed information and connections to assist seniors of Huntington County and opportunities for them to remain active and involved in the community. We have a Senior Center where they come to gain information, participate in social activities, and meet with friends. We provide onsite programs such as foot care and educational programs, as well as services in their homes or other locations such as the Senior Expo. We also operate Huntington Area Transportation (HAT). It is the only public transit system in the county. It is available to everyone in the county, regardless of age.

Our Mission

To help older and disabled persons in Huntington County maintain maximum independence and dignity in a home environment through coordinated services, assistance, and activities.

 Meet Our Team

Holly Saunders

Executive Director

Dick Murray
Assistant Director


Transportation Coordinator

, Dispatcher

Lisa Harbuck, Dispatcher

Mary Ann Ness, Bookkeeper

Sandy Allen, Bookkeeper

Debra Kriegbaum, Administrative Assistant

Sheryl Inks, Homemaker

Becky Stern, Homemaker

Colleen Brooks, Office Assistant

Marsha Timbers, Custodian/Office Assistant

Alan Pflieger, Driver/Scheduler

Tom Barnes, Driver/Scheduler

Mike Brennan, Driver

Jerry Clark, Driver

John Colbert, Driver

Mike Endsley, Driver

Ashley Grodrian, Driver

Bec Grossman, Driver

Ronald Hall, Driver

Mark Iseler, Driver

Jim Koontz, Driver

Doug Miller, Driver

Jim Morris, Driver

Larry Rainwater, Driver

John Waymire, Driver

Donald Webb, Driver

Chad Wells, Driver

Barbara Wood, Driver

 Meet Our Board

Rose Meldrum


Donna Lahr

Vice President

Pamela Updike

Secretary / Treasurer

Karen Campbell

Belinda Clancy

Jodi Eckert

Karolee Gregerson

Shane McVoy

Dan Rumple